Senok Air - Corporate Travel, sets the standard for comfort, reliability and style. We are a commercial airline service that endeavors to provide premier air taxi, transfer and charter services in Sri Lanka for your company appointments and corporate functions that is both efficient and luxurious.

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Our fleet includes the most luxurious Écureuil AS350 helicopters known for its comfort and low in-cabin noise levels so that passengers could easily converse in flight, giving you the opportunity to discuss important business even during travel with extensive experience in managing aviation operations.

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Senok Air posses a fleet of Airbus (AS 350 B3) multi role helicopters which can be utilized for different technical needs and services,due to its superior performance, manoeuvrability and experience crew. we are open to conduct any specialized operations such as cinematography services, Ariel Mapping, airborne Survey and ect..

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When a loved one is in urgent need of quality medical care, ASAP, becomes the need of the hour. Getting them to the best equipped hospital can be a task in an island such as ours. With an underdeveloped road network, tough terrain to conquer in a hurry!. Senok Medevac is your answer. Prepare your self for the worst.

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Head Line: Senok Air Charter was launched in January 2012.

The need to save precious time is a concept our Group understood intimately. This sparked our interest of starting our own private air service and having started its journey in the travel trade, it seemed an apt direction for the Group to take. We have attracted the attention of the corporate sector, foreign agencies and high-end tourists, bucket list tickers, honeymooners and many others.

The single-engine H125 outclasses all other 6 seat helicopters for flexibility and safety. The helicopters were made to measure for extremely warm temperature conditions and very high altitudes and saline conditions. This gives us the possibility of landing anywhere, including the water, as we have attachable floats.